Grow Your Business

It sounds easy, right? It is what every business owner is after. Growth. But how do you do it?

We’ve got a wealth of experience growing businesses through community building online.

My team and I can tailor a solution that best suits your target market and help you grow that community and at the end of the day, grow your bottom line.

A Full Turnkey Solution To Fast Track The Growth Of Your Business

How Does Our Community Builder Work?

Step 1 - Strategic Direction

Through extensive consultation,  our team, together with yourself, will define exactly what direction you want your business growth to take. We will also decided what tools and methods will be needed to reach your business goals.

Together we will decide on the appropriate business goals for your business and set realistic timelines in order to achieve and exeed the targets selected.

Step 2 - Website Audit

Our team will complete a comprehensive website audit on your existing website. If you currently do not own a website, our team can develop one for you. (See our web design offerings here – As a Business Builder user you get preferential rates)

Depending on your needs, we will advise on what functionality needs to be added to your website in order reach your community building goals.

Step 3 - Strategic Implementation

Once agreed upon, our team will work with you in implementing the strategic course decided on.

Whether you offer physical products or services, digital products or services, our strategic implementation will create ongoing momentum in your business. Our team are experts in rolling out strategies that will ensure long term growth in your business.

Step 4 - Ongoing Evaluation

Our team will share regular feedback on how the strategies we are implementing are impacting your business. Our number one goal for your business is growth.  Together we will make the necessary changes to ensure that your business is growing.

We’ll do more of what is working and less of what is not.

The Community Builder Toolbox

These are the tools we use to help you build your community online. We’ve included the prices of each indivual tool (As it would cost you if you purchased the tools on your own):

Email Marketing

Email marketing using ConvertKit. (Starting at $119 per month for 10 000 subscribers.)

Landing Pages

Landing pages using LeadPages.  ($79 per month for a Pro Package.)

Podcast Hosting

Podcast hosting through ($15 per month for a Pro Package)

Video Hosting

Video Hosting with Vimeo. ($17 per month for a Pro Package)


Webinars using GoToWebinar ($199 per month for a Pro Package)

Social Media

Social Media automation through MeetEdgar ($49 per month)


Our cost effective Community Builder will not only save you time but it will save you at least $2172 per year!


  • 10 Page Responsive Website

  • Normally $997 (but as part of a business builder package you get it for $497)


  • Turn your website into an powerful membership community
  • The ability to put content behind a paywall
  • Drip content over time
  • Create & Sell online courses


  • Create & Manage products with a recurring charge
  • Charge weekly, monthly or annually   
  • Create residual income in your business       

* Price includes your first 10 000 subscribers. Thereafter a charge of $85 per 10 000 subscribers (or part thereof applies)

** We reserve the right to implement a fair use policy at any time